It is All in the Name

I got the best email inquiry a few weeks ago-a mom was reaching out to me to see if I was available to take pictures of her sweet 1 years old whose name was none other than Cora! I was estastic: this shoot combined several of my favorite things-baby, beach, and lifestyle photos. And, to top it all of off she had my name. I have rarely EVER met another Cora, let alone be asked to photograph one. Oh—did I mention that she was a REDHEAD (like 3 of my own 4)? Anyhow, I was abuzz with excitement all week. We had to schedule the shoot earlier than the prized “golden hour” so we wouldn’t bump into baby Cora’s bedtime but I was thrilled with how the sun gave the photos a dreamy like quality. And mom and dad were happy to let Cora do her own thing, with the occasional snuggle with them!

Making Mom Happy

I have been remiss about “blogging” (if you can call this such a thing) for months now! But I had such a great time photographing Lyle J last week that I had to do a little write up. We met Monday downtown and it was a perfect night! When I asked Lyle if he had any ideas in mind for our senior photo session, he quietly stated that this was his mom’s ideas and so not really. Awww. Love a teen who is making mom happy! You would have never known this was only for his mom as Lyle was as cooperative, polite and enjoyable as could be. His mom’s only request is that I took some shots of Lyle playing his guitar. He has an understated demeanor and so I know he was really pushing himself outside of his comfort zone to play in public but he went along with it, all in the name of his mom. Anyhow, I know his mom and the rest of his family will miss him when he is flies the coop In August to attend UVA.

Wind and Rain and Cold-Oh My!

I wouldn’t say that mother-nature cooperated with us but I was able to sneak in a quick beach shoot with this family of five who traveled from all over the north-east to be together on Thanksgiving. This family was determined to make the session happen and I was thrilled to photograph them! They were all model ready and I don’t think any type of weather pattern could have made them look bad, making my job a breeze (no pun intended-really). Here is hoping that the rest of their holidays are storm free!

Look at the Love

Sometimes I have to altogether skip doing a blog post on a recent shoot because I just can’t find the words I want to use to capture the uniqueness and joy of a shoot. Other times I simply run out of time. Carpool time is quickly closing in on me as I type but I believe the pictures capture all that needs to be said about this loving and joyful family. Sometimes teens can be a little, well, stand-offish about having family pictures made. Don’t know how excited these two teens were for the session but their love and fun spirit came through (whether they like it or not)! Perhaps they get it from their mom and dad?! If this family can pull off this type of closeness during the teen years, that have it made for a lifetime!

And Baby Makes Five

Wow-what a hectic last 2 weeks it has been! Life is running full speed ahead-work, kids, home, work, kids, home, etc. You get the drill. But in the midst of it all I have been blessed to capture the arrival of James to his precious family. I was even lucky enough to have a special invitation to the delivery room where I was able to capture his first moments of life outside the womb. Mom has had 2 difficult c-sections and so was thankful to have one finally go smoothly. Here are a few photos from his first 10 days of life. He is so lucky to be welcomed by his brother and sister, in addition to mom and dad. Looking forward to documenting the wonderful life you have ahead of you, Baby James!

All in the Family

A fun Sunday morning shoot in downtown Charleston with the beautiful Schleier family - grandparents included. Lucky for John it was his birthday .... I know he couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start his special day off than posing for family photos! After getting the obligatory family posed shots - including a family rendition of Happy Birthday to John - I was able to whisk the boys off to get some more candid and playful shots! This is my 4th year photographing this beautiful family and it has been a joy watching these boys grow throughout the years. I can't wait to see what the next four years bring their way… anyone say TEEN years?

Dancing Queens

Nothing like editing photos photos of these precious girls to take your mind off of the possibility of hurricane Florence! I think this is the 4th year photographing the Christ Our King Stella Maris dance team and it is always a super exciting and fun shoot. Oh the energy and athletic abilities these girls possess! I have to say I am jealous.  Good luck this year, girls!!! Can't wait to see what you do on the stage. 

Olivia W

My introduction to Olivia and her family was unforgettable. “Hi. I’m Anne and I owe you an apology”. My eyebrows raised in a questioning way. “My son bit your son today at school” she continued.  That was 15 years ago and a family friendship was instantly formed with this beautiful, funny (and I mean FUNNY) and adventurous family. It was that spirit that I got to capture at an absolutely exhilarating shoot at the beach earlier this week as they get ready to send their oldest, Olivia, off to her first year of college in Florida. The “kids” were awesome in allowing me to capture them goofing off with each other, although I knew my time photographing them was over when their son responded to my statement that I just needed “one more shot” with “that’s what you said about 30 shots ago”. All humor aside, here’s wishing Olivia a fun filled Florida adventure!

And POOF... He is All Grown Up!

In a blink of an eye your child is ready to leave!! I know this must be how Lisha and Rick are feeling as they prepare for their oldest to embark on his next life journey-college!  As close family friends of the Kievits, I have had the pleasure of witnessing most all stages of Jared's life.  It is hard to believe that the once squeaky infant turned HP wanna-be is getting ready to leave the nest. It is a surreal time for parents as many describe wanting to simultaneously hold their child tightly while trying to boot them out of the house. Jared may feel the same way... well, maybe not the "hold them tightly" part!  So often we say that children "develop" into something over time, as if they are altered in some way.  However, Jared is just a bigger and (slightly) more mature version of his miniature self-intelligent, funny and kind and I can not wait to see what all he accomplishes as he enters this next state of his life.  

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

90 minutes! I couldn't believe it when I looked at my watch. I had been photographing these exuberant boys and their parent for 90 minutes!!! The longest I may have ever spent on a family and the TIME FLEW BY! I emailed mom to apologize to her as most families are done (with a capital "D") after about 60 minutes. She put my mind at ease as the feeling was apparently mutual; her children had told her after our shoot that it was the "fastest shoot" they had ever done! Phew-relief! They were a fun, curious and energetic crew.  Here is to time flying!

The Beauty of Brothers

I probably have 20 pictures of this little cutie looking up at his older brother.  He clearly admires him! It is a lot of responsibility as the oldest in the family to lead the way.   I always  feel that the oldest sibling has both a great responsibility - to forge a good path; and a fulfilling role - how awesome to be able to influence the choices of a little person! I have no doubt that big bro will use his powers for good! Now whether the youngest chooses to be led as he grows into his own his person is a whole other thing!!!  



Man's Best Friend

"He's much better behaved this year than the last time" said Rob in reference to their family dog and his antics at our photo shoot two years ago at Waterfront Park.  "Well, we had to bring him since he is part of the family" added Amy.   It didn't take long for Duffy to show his true colors... and we have photographic evidence!  And, now I know that even DOGS blink during photos. I can't say that I have ever had that happen to me before.  All joking aside, so glad that they brought him along as he just kept it real for all of us. Pets are ALWAYS welcome!  Lastly, kuddos to Rob for capturing me in action. See the "during" and "after" below! I didn't even know he had captured this until he sent it me that afternoon.  

A Different Kind of Happy Hour

This past Friday evening was spent photographing the cutest family of four, including a super playful and lively 22 month-old (and her very own baby) and her inquisitive 4 year-old brother (with the most brilliant blue eyes). We did a few posed family photos but mostly I spent my time capturing these kiddos being.. well, just  The energy, curiosity and playfulness of these two never stopped.  We played chase, blew bubbles and even practiced taking pictures together.  All in all, a perfect way to start my weekend.   And no wine needed--they were plenty entertainment as it was!!

The Art of Being a Child

Oh to be young and full of energy and contemplation and wonder.  This was my 5th time photographing this easy going, fun and "anything goes" family and we choose Palmetto Island County Park as the backdrop.  The girls reminded me what it was to truly be a child again. The thrill of racing (in your boots, barefoot, WHO CARES?), climbing and exploring.  It has been forever since I had been to the top of the observation tower.  So glad I followed them up there! May these precious red-heads always keep their inner-child close by. 

Let's Get Dirty

One of the things I love about the Lowcountry is the pluff mud. Whenever I've been out of town for a while it's the smell of the pluff mud that reminds me I'm home. Well I got super intimate with this smell this weekend while photographing these playful and adventuresome brothers. We went exploring the marsh - one of their favorite locations. Squish, squish into the mud we went! It wasn't something to be tentative about - you had to abandon any pretense of clensiness abd just go for it.  Bless their parents for not minding the dirt or the stench! I don't think I've ever had a dirtier shoot --- and a shower has never felt so good! Here's to having some good old dirty fun this Fall!

Summer at HYC

Summer is in FULL swing at HYC.  I really think this club is the best in town.  Great people, great location and great fun.  I have been lucky enough to get my volunteer hours in by photographing the swim meets.  LOVE capturing the fun and spirit and that these children and teens bring to the meets. Can't believe we only have once more week of it.  


I had the best time photographing "Scout" and her extended family last week in Hampton Park in honor of her graduation.  She (along with the rest of her family) was super fun to work with, easy going and had a great sense of humor.  We were both taken back by this hissing goose and were relieved that after making his annoyance to our presence known that he passed by without any more fussing.  Can't wait to see what this future Gamecock does in her next stage of life. 

The Kiawah Crew

What a fun time I had working with these four families at Kiawah beach! They were such an enjoyable and easy going group with the CUTEST kids! I was even able to coerce by favorite assistant (my 17 year-old daughter!) to accompany me. Working with this group of young adults and wee ones brought me back to the day when mine were all that little. What a fun time of life! Seeing my 17 year-old along side of me realized how quickly it all goes. So happy that these 4 families can take it easy and enjoy the relaxation that can settle in (when you allow it) while at the beach. Here is to making memories with families and cherished friends that will last a lifetime.

Sick Day

Shannan and I scheduled a photojournalistic shoot a few weeks ago.  I love capturing daily moments that parents have with their children.  It is all too easy to forget all of the hard work that goes into raising our little ones.  It was one of those super cold January days and her oldest was home sick. A lot of his day was spent lounging away with a screen but he did brave the elements and head outside.  Given the cold, there was no better way to warm up than a hot bath.  I've only selected a few of these special photos to share on line for the sake of protecting the little ones' privates!! But, man are there some cute ones!